Caution to the Wind



54/54: Convergance: Outro

My oh my, how far we’ve come… Project 54 has been quite the journey, a very introspective, pleasing, and at times grueling experience. Through this experience I’ve learned so many things… about myself, creativity, advertising, Volkswagen, the world. Project 54 allowed me to get in the mind state of thinking in an innovative manner, it’s given me the joy and pleasure to create wonderful things I can call my own, it’s allowed me to meet and collaborate with new people, and it’s given me knowledge that will last a lifetime. Props must be given to Mr. Scott Sherman and Mr. Gary Garbett for guiding us on this journey.

In my first post I attempted to humanize an object, to make something we interact with everyday feel like one of us in it’s unique way. How “a Volkswagen is you” I think is how I worded it. While it’s true that a Volkswagen is an extension of it’s owner, you could say that about any car. The brand of Volkswagen, what differentiates that? After 13 weeks of exploring that question I’m still not quite sure if I can answer it. I can say though that the experience of Project 54 allowed me to understand the brand better. As I stated in the first paragraph, the Project 54 experience is a lot like the Volkswagen experience. This sense of trying to be innovative, to create pleasing things, that have an enduring value… In that sense we are a lot like Volkswagen, it is the people’s car after all.

53/54: Convergence: When & Where

When we meet up with someone the questions always asked before hand are when and where? Whether it be your boyfriend, girlfriend, a friend, someone you’re dating, family.. those are generally the first 2 questions. The how is never asked because we know how…Volkswagen has answered that question. Volkswagen is meant to bring people who are at separate points together, it’s about the excitement of that journey, and getting to that when and where to meet with the people we love or to experience something wonderful.

For this idea I picture a commercial with an iMessage conversation between the two over-laid on top of footage of them going about their daily business when the time comes for them to meet up they get into their respective Volkswagen’s and meet up at the location they’ve chosen and in the end those two separate videos, those separate lives coming together to make one.

I generally don’t like to make the directives a major part of my posts, but the directive of convergence, the concept of these pieces coming together to make something complete truly represents the brand of Volkswagen whether it be the connecting of motoring pleasure, enduring value, and innovative design or whether it be the act of people coming together which a Volkswagen takes part in. Convergence is woven into the core fabric of the Volkswagen brand, and is what partly makes it so unique.

52/54: Convergence: The Blueprint


In this class we’ve been asked to explore what makes a brand? What can a brand be? Everything listed in the blueprint above is a pretty stereotypical idea of what the Volkswagen brand is built from. You have these 3 major pieces: motoring pleasure, enduring value, innovative design and then there are all these little complementary pieces that go hand-in-hand with those major 3. It’s important to remember though that Volkswagen is the People’s Car, it comes down to more than just ideals. It’s the fact that their cars are specifically designed for people. Every detail is scrutinized in the typical German engineer way… but this pays off to make a better car and a better human experience. That’s the true blueprint to the Volkswagen Brand, improving that part of the human experience that’s always on the move. All those ideals make up the brand, but without that pursuit to better lives those ideals wouldn’t exist.

51/54: No Directive: Missing Piece

diamondYou found this diamond in the rough, this missing piece that was forgotten. Abandoned in a field as a relic of the past, you could have had something new but instead you chose a rescue… why? Because you see its true value, you saw a piece of you in the field that day. This diamond will shine again though, it’s German engineered to last and to be honest it looks just as good if not better than the newer versions.. all it needs is a little extra love. For years upon years it provided some driver out there with the experiences of a lifetime… and now it’s going to do it for you. This split window red Volkswagen Beetle was your missing piece and you are its missing piece. Together you will rule the roads.

50/54: Borrowing Design: A Saul Bass Volkswagen


Saul Bass came into prominence around the same time Volkswagen started making waves in the US. Just like Volkswagen revolutionized what a car could be and look like, Saul was doing same for graphic design with his simplistic, symbolic, juxtaposed posters that touched on key thematic elements of the movies. I felt like the style between the two would mesh really well together by connecting the ideals between the two parties. Both Volkswagen and Saul Bass provide a pleasing experience, they are both innovative in their designs, and their works have an enduring value that remains with us.

49/54: Borrowing Design Ideas: Book Cover

VW Book Cover

I love book covers, I have all these awesome Culinary books at home and each of them completely embodies the restaurant they’re about. Through design, texture, photography, typography… with every flip of the page you take another step into the kitchen, the dining room, or the garden. I began to think about this in the context of Volkswagen, how would a book be designed to communicate motoring pleasure, innovative design, and enduring value? This is what I came up with, I love the idea of incorporating actual hardware into the binding of the book with nuts and bolts, the very clean lines of the design, the touching upon the past, yet reaching into the future. I feel like those ideals would be important in the design of a Volkswagen book. Within the book there would be Volkswagen’s history and their unrivaled pursuit of providing a unique motoring experience.